Stateline Fireworks offers volume buyers free BONUS merchandise or a discount. The graph below illustrates free BONUS merchandise or discounts applied to all in store/off the store shelves piece purchases. Customers are required to register at our store for this program in order to keep track of their purchases throughout the year. The free BONUS merchandise or discount can increase, as long as what the customer purchases, meet the certain free BONUS merchandise / discount levels. Volume buying program categories are determined by your purchase prior to free merchandise or discount.
Your account can not be used by anyone else and you must be present in order to use the program. Program can be used for a group buy, as along as the account holder is present at time of sale. The discount you have achieved is only good for one calendar year starting on January 1 and ending on December 31.
Customer must mention the Stateline Volume Buying Program at each time when they checkout or place an online order in order to receive the free BONUS merchandise or discount, otherwise the customer will not benefit from this program.You can not use this program for case sales or *pre-packaged assortments, but your case sale purchases and *pre-packaged assortments can be applied to increase your volume buying program. * Tray or Boxed  pre -packaged assortments are not discounted with program.


Multiple purchases throughout the year can be combined and may increase free merchandise or discount for that calendar year only. Graph does not apply to case sales.

Get The Real Deal

Stateline Fireworks Case Discounts

  • Multiple purchases throughout the year can be combined and may increase discount for that calendar year only.
  • Minimum purchase for case sales (After your discount) is $750.00.
  • This chart only applies to FULL CASE SALES and does not apply to individual items purchased from our retail store.
  • Case sales take at lease 72 hours to process due to the items must be shipped from our warehouse to the store for pickup.
  • There are no case sales between June 27th to July 6th.

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